At Kapstone, we believe Planning is more than just a job, it's a lifestyle. We became Planners to create meaningful change in the community and while working with our City clients on a daily basis is vital work, we know it's not enough. The opportunities to impact our communities and connect with people are all around us, and perhaps even more so outside the walls of the workplace. We promote the idea that Planning transcends the workplace and extends into our everyday lives, encompassing community in all of its forms.

Community doesn't just happen when City Hall approves another park or housing development. Community happens when people collide. They exchange smiles. They share ideas. They create bonds. At Kapstone, our mission is to create opportunities for these collisions in a fresh and spontaneous way, embracing all the variety that our communities have to offer - the arts, food, music, sports, festivals, markets and so much more!

Join us in our movement to live the Planning lifestyle. Be a catalyst for community. Collide with us! 

upcoming events

We’re always looking for new ways to celebrate community and meet new people, so come crash our next event with us! We don’t have an event on the books at this time but we’re always brewing up our next adventure. Check back with us soon.


Our Events

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