Kapstone has been partnering with City Planning Departments to deliver advanced case processing and technology consulting services for nearly 10 years. Our innovative model of delivery combines an integrated team approach with proprietary tools and processes that allow our teams to seamlessly scale within any organization and deliver proven results. Our specialty is filling staffing needs and managing development projects on behalf of our clients, but we've also leveraged our depth of experience over the years to offer advisory services on telecom compliance and implementation of E-Plan platforms. Click below or scroll down for more details on our core services.


Case processing is our specialty and we’re obsessed with getting it right. Our unique model of delivery allows us to provide greater efficiency and higher quality, all while integrating seamlessly into your Planning department. We offer a range of full-time contract staffing resources, whether you need a single planner or a larger team. We’re equipped to scale to your needs with little start-up time.

Discretionary Case Processing 
We’ve managed hundreds of entitlement applications on behalf of our clients and handle every aspect of the project lifecycle from the initial screencheck to public hearing to final close out.

Code Compliance/Plan Check Review
Our team has processed thousands of development permits for small and large-scale projects of all kinds—residential, commercial, office, industrial and many more.

Telecom Compliance Advisory

At Kapstone we have years of experience processing wireless applications and have worked with clients to update their wireless ordinances and establish procedures/standards for compliance with Section 6409(a).    

Kapstone contract city planning


We don’t just plug holes, we become part of your team. We bring an expert perspective that allows us to assess your processes and implement practical innovations that can improve workflow and create added value.

Our people make the difference. We invest in our people and we’re serious about our company culture. The result is an undeniable camaraderie amongst our people that carries over into the workplace and inspires us to do more for each other and our clients.

Maximum flexibility. We offer a flexible staffing model that allows us to work on-site, off-site, or a combination of both. We easily adjust according to your needs and/or preferences.

E-Plan expertise. Each of our team members is highly trained and skilled in the use of electronic plan review (E-Plan) systems. This experience lets us transition seamlessly into any organization utilizing these platforms and gives us the flexibility to easily manage projects remotely. We also offer comprehensive advisory services to help our clients throughout the selection and implementation process for a new E-Plan system. See below for more details.

Telecom compliance. Our expertise in current Federal/State regulation coupled with our network of experienced professionals makes us uniquely qualified to advise on the various frameworks and procedures that can be put in place for your organization to successfully handle 6409(a) requests within the new limits and restrictions imposed by federal law. Additionally, we offer case processing services for 6409(a) requests, managing the process on your behalf from beginning to end.